chapter  18
22 Pages

Handicraft in Traditional China

WithWang Haiyan, Liu Yingchun

Traditional China is known for its well-developed handicraft, and for many years the handicraft products have been exported to many parts of the world. This chapter presents a brief introduction to the making of paper, carts and yeast; casting, forging, and ceramics and porcelain, achievements in six major sub-branches among the many marvelous handicraft achievements made in traditional China. Bamboo paper making prevails in the south, mostly popular in Fujian province in southeastern China. The horse-drawn and mule-drawn carts are built with either two or four wheels, and the axle is the base on which the superstructure of the cart is constructed. There are three main kinds of yeast, the wine yeast, medicinal yeast, and red yeast. Metals and timber are made into various implements through the use of machines. Saws are made of wrought iron, forged and hammered into slices without any steel or the quenching process.