chapter  1
Rivalry and cooperation in football
ByChristian Brandt, Fabian Hertel
Pages 16

Rather, football is connected to a myriad of social aspects that are highly determined by its spectators. For a number of reasons, football attracts vast audiences worldwide. Frequently, football fans are not just consumers, but an integral part of football and important influencers of club identities. Likewise, football supporters agree on several rules that primarily help express their rivalry. Battling each other with choreographies only works if both sides refer to similar values. This chapter focuses on the fan culture that might open up new perspectives on football fans in general. Representing different regions across the globe, the cases will be analysed on different aspects, if possible. Gerke states that there was no rivalry between football fans in the United States as they considered themselves fans of a sport that they regularly had to defend against the disdain coming from fans of other sports.