chapter  11
Istanbul United
A short-lived experience of agonistic pluralism
ByEkin Can Göksoy, Okan Yılmaz
Pages 12

This chapter summarizes and describes football fandom in Turkey and explains to what extent the feud among the big clubs in Turkey grew, how they formed an alliance during Gezi Incidents and how this alliance came to an end. It also analyses how radical democracy started to be expressed in Turkish politics, how social movements affected this process, and how the fan groups' alliance of Istanbul United could be considered as an example of agonistic pluralism in the context of Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe. While the Gezi Incident itself was suppressed by police, however, there were lots of other political fields, such as Passolig, in which Istanbul United could pursue similar struggles and causes. Though a short process, the Gezi Incident shaped what Mouffe and Laclau would imagine to be the future of Turkish politics and social movements.