chapter  13
Final remarks
ByChristian Brandt, Fabian Hertel
Pages 12

This chapter analyses cases that derive from 11 articles about antagonism and cooperation, which are related to the world of football. The cases will be analysed within three categories. These are: initial point/reason for the cooperation, the creation of boundaries (in the sense of who is fighting whom), and way of organization. The two ends of the scale are the 'football-related' and the 'society-related' initial points. Countless initial points that may cause cooperation among supporters are imaginable - not only in different cases but also within one case. In cases of cooperation it is important to see which groups unify and along what line the feeling of belonging is drawn. Whether cooperation ends or not, the Ukrainian case must be observed if the conflict in the country eases. But it is remarkable that in the case of the Gezi Incident, supporters stopped cooperating at the moment the social movement ended and this was not extend to football-related issues.