chapter  5
Rivalry, passion and cooperation between Argentinean club supporters
ByVerónica Moreira, José Garriga Zucal, Nemesia Hijós
Pages 14

This chapter introduces an extraordinary case of football rivalries, between different groups of football supporters in Argentina. Football violence in Argentina remains an important topic of the media and for political agendas. The chapter analyses an extraordinary event in the hinchadas ground: 'friendship' between two barras that are identified with different football clubs. The historian Julio Frydenberg explains that Argentinean football broke through as an elitist game, practiced by men of the upper classes, and has been transformed to a more democratic and pluralized sport. The chapter considers Argentinean football as an associated game directly related to the necessity of winning, in which the tactics are developed in relation to the objective of introducing the ball into the opposite goal, advancing and weakening the rival's defensive structure. As preparing the asado is a masculine task it is possible to understand the commensality ritual as a continuation of male recognition unquestionably produced in the football show's area.