chapter  7
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Using Relational Dialogues to Nurture Engaged Inquiry

In Chapter 7, we explore in greater depth how to take action to enact PIP Phase 2: Engaged Inquiry and AI Phase 2: Relational Dialogue. When considering possibilities, educator advocates build upon the relational connection they have established to initiate dreams about possibilities for collaborative actions. Educator advocates engage in conversations with colleagues and community members and begin to focus possibilities in order to make collaborative decisions about a well-defined action. Engaged inquiry is the stage designed to continue building on Relational Connections to generate conversations about possible actions. Dialogues and engaged inquiry move toward closure on a challenge to be faced, decisions about the best ways to confront the challenge, and actions to address the challenge. The goal is to move conversations, alliances, and collaborative efforts toward action designed to improve the school wellness and learning power outcomes for all students. Thus, taking one or two pathways that build on current assets or possibilities that are constructed anew to address specific challenges in the school.