chapter  9
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Food insecurity risk and global governance guidelines on agriculture

Evidence from the Senegal River Delta
WithMaura Benegiamo, Davide Cirillo

This chapter focuses on global governance guidelines with respect to agriculture and food security. It explores the impacts of such governance guidelines in the context of the Delta. The chapter investigates their potential contribution in promoting a governance system which increases agricultural and food insecurity for semi-mobile pastoralist communities and contributes to exacerbating the environmental risks, rather than mitigating them. It aims to provide how effective the contributions to local food security of development indications are and to shed a light on elements of continuity and variation compared to precedent development phases. Vulnerability in Sub-Saharan Africa is linked especially with the economic centrality of agriculture, lack of adaptation investments, climate change effects on temperature, and exposure of local communities to extreme events. Effects on salt-water balance of the fragile ecosystems in Senegal River Valley are expected in the whole region for the variations in temperature and precipitation due to climate change.