chapter  15
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Planning and governance for disaster recovery in Tacloban after Typhoon Haiyan (the Philippines)

WithMark Kammerbauer, Iderlina B. Mateo-Babiano, John Minnery

This chapter explores the aspects of the governance of the recovery efforts as manifest in Tacloban City, which was the epicentre not only of the disaster impact, but also of the regional recovery. The interactions of individuals and formal and informal institutions in the recovery of the city are conceptualized as a form of governance intended to achieve disaster recovery and reconstruction. The chapter deals with a presentation of the results of the semi-structured expert interviews. It presents a framework based on concepts of disaster recovery and governance. The chapter proposes adequate planning recommendations for a sustainable and resilient recovery process in Asian cities affected by environmental disasters. Due to Typhoon Haiyan's impact, the national government saw the need to create a new mechanism, the Office of the Presidential Assistant for Rehabilitation and Recovery. The policy framework for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Philippines involves a number of key regulations at various scales.