chapter  13
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The Esplanade and the City Gatekeepers

Contesting the limits of urban heritage protection
WithJenny Gregory

This chapter discusses emotional responses to the destruction of Perth Gazette’s Esplanade. Much of the discussion within the City Gatekeepers was by email and it is clear from their communications that this was a well-educated and articulate group. The City Gatekeepers grappled with this issue as they gathered information. In the Gatekeepers’ camp, each member had their own particular barrow to push. The Esplanade was in the process of being redeveloped as Elizabeth Quay, a project that included the construction of a 2.7-hectare inlet and the creation of development sites, new internal roads, promenades and an island with a connecting bridge. The Esplanade, lying at the foot of Perth’s Central Business District near the river’s edge, was a 10-hectare swathe of grassed parkland bounded by immense-aged Moreton Bay fig trees on three sides, separated from the river by a four-lane riverside drive.