chapter  7
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My heritage – it is not just about sticks and stones – it is timeless, precious and irreplaceable

WithPatsy Cameron

This chapter suggests that the sensibilities of the new field can make a significant contribution to our understandings of meanings and focus of Aboriginal Heritage. It argues that the sacred connectedness and interconnectedness of places, landmarks, environments and things that are seen and not seen, in most situations, cannot be absolutely erased if they are overshadowed by development, as the physical object can be erased but not the meaning that dwells in its place. The chapter discusses a particular tree belonging as family to a whole nation of people is remarkable, and it may be that the relationships are because they are also made up of the stuff that the Ancestral Beings used to create all things in their own geographic location. The social and cultural impacts on land and its people that invasion brought reverberate in the minds and hearts of Tasmanian Aborigines today, as does their timeless, precious and irreplaceable existential heritage as First Peoples of this land.