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Notes to the Bibliographies

This bibliography is directed to all editions and translations of the writings of Adam Smith that have been published as books, together with biographies, catalogues and other related work. It specifically excludes individual selections from Smith’s writings included in general readers and collections, as well as commentary of all kinds, except that centred on Smith’s life and work. Some minor exceptions are made for important translations that first appeared in journals, or in collections where Smith’s work is very prominent; but for most purposes a collection or reader is understood here as a book which presents a selection of Smith’s writings. Theory of Moral Sentiments and Wealth of Nations have appeared, both in English and in translation, in complete editions, abbreviated versions, and selections – abbreviations typically presenting a summary of the work in whole or in part, a selection presenting verbatim parts of the book. Typically abbreviations appear under the name of the individual who made the abbreviation, while selections were usually published under the name of Adam Smith and only secondarily that of the editor. Since the contributors to this bibliography have in most case been able to physically examine a text, or, failing this, a microfilm, it is possible to discriminate reliably between complete texts, abbreviations and selections, and the relevant details are provided where appropriate.