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Note on Dutch Editions: Hans Blom

The reception of Adam Smith in the Netherlands is noteworthy in several respects. Only two translations were published with a Dutch publisher: a full French translation in 1778-9 of the Wealth of Nations in The Hague, and a partial Dutch translation in 1796. As one nineteenth century writer on Smith, J. F. B. Baert, explains, Dutch scholars were happy to read Smith either in the original English, or in one of the many French or German translations. Indeed, there are many copies of these eighteenth and nineteenth century editions in Dutch university libraries: all seven English eighteenth century editions are present, as well as the 1781 Yverdon translation and those of Boucher and Blavet. The German translations in that period are represented by the Lüder version of 1800-4. Throughout the nineteenth century it was English and French editions (the 1802 Garnier, and the 1843 with notes by Blanqui) which were acquired. The German editions after Lüder are represented by the 1801 Basel English edition and the 1861 Asher edition.