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Note on Romanian Editions: Roxana Bobulescu

The first translation of the Wealth of Nations that was published in Romania did not appear until the 1930s, and was an abbreviated version. Although this late appearance is not unusual, local circumstances played a part in this delay. When the work first appeared in 1776 Romania was divided into three feudal states: Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldavia. Placed at the crossroads of the Ottoman, Russian and Habsburg empires, the three Lands became the site for military confrontation between these powers, its territory being used to reward the victorious. The defeat of the Turkish armies at Vienna in 1683 marked the beginning of the decline of the Ottoman empire, and the Habsburgs and the Russian monarchy each sought to make territorial gains at the expense of the Turks. Nonetheless, copies of the German and French editions of Wealth of Nations are recorded in Transylvania, both the German Garve edition and Garnier’s 1802 translation being mentioned in Count Teleky’s (Tîrgu Mures) library catalogue, Bibliotecae Samueliss R. I. Comm – Teleky de Szek (pars secunda, Vienna, 1800, 1802).