chapter  1
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Why We Need the Political Return of Nikolai Bukharin

WithValerii Pisigin

One of our greatest achievements is to have liberated the figure of Nikolai Bukharin from lies and deceit. Bukharin knew he was right at the tragic 1929 Plenum and a year later when he appeared for the last time at the October Hall of the Trade Union House, so he could hope that one day he would be remembered kindly and that later generations would learn from his experience. We talk of his return because the word "rehabilitation" is hardly the right one. A just cause and the truth do not need rehabilitation. Whether Bukharin's return will succeed or be buried under lies depends on us. It is also up to us to grasp Bukharin's bequest so that what he fought and died for will be accomplished. On the occasion of the conference which political club organized on 24 September 1988, young researchers of Bukharin's legacy came from the Baltic countries, the Ukraine, Kirgizia, the Far East, and the Urals.