chapter  11
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Bukharin’s Alternative for the Countryside

WithViktor P. Danilov

This chapter focuses on the agrarian aspects of Nikolai Bukharin's thought. Critical examination of the formation and genesis of a socialist society comprised the theoretical and political content of Bukharin's work. The chapter digresses to the writings of Alexander Chaianov, insofar as they influenced the establishment of agricultural cooperatives at the time. Cooperative collectivization, as it took place in the twenties in the countryside, was a socioeconomic process and was the objective basis of a real alternative to collectivization of the Stalinist variety. Returning to Bukharin's work and the questions that interest us, we notice that he examined the peasantry's transition into socialism mainly from a theoretical standpoint. Bukharin's group suggested a way out of the complicated situation on the basis of the NEP: keeping to the course for the improvement of agriculture and the development of trading and credit forms of cooperatives, raising grain prices.