chapter  16
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Bukharin on the Danger of the Absolute Power of the State

WithSu Shaozhi

This chapter focuses on the analysis of the question, Nikolai Bukharin's comprehension of the danger that faced the Soviet socialist system when its state apparatus had absolute power. The Joseph Stalin model was then adopted, or mechanically copied, by one postwar socialist country after another where the Communist party was in power and where the New Leviathan phenomenon, which had so worried Bukharin, appeared in varying degrees. China's current political system was born out of the revolutionary war years. The influence of the old feudalistic autocracy also made China susceptible to the Stalin model of a highly centralized political system, resulting in the party and the government being closely allied. Reform and democracy are the mainstream of all socialist societies today. The key to their success is to uproot the New Leviathan. More specifically, it is to eradicate the sources of Stalinism in the Soviet Union, and to eradicate the sources of the Cultural Revolution in China.