chapter  17
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Bukharin’s Theory of the Withering Away of Class Struggle

WithZheng Yifan

To show history in its true light, there are a few points that need clarification. Did Nikolai Bukharin initiate the theory of withering away? What was his actual opinion about the class struggle in the transition period from capitalism to socialism? What is the general trend in the development of class struggle in the transition period? Does it intensify or does it moderate, and will it disappear altogether? According to Bukharin, there are three stages from the proletariat's seizure of power to the emergence of communist society. The first stage, lasting from the seizure of power to socialism, is a transition period that corresponds politically to a period of dictatorship of the proletariat. The second stage is the socialist phase, in which all classes will be annihilated. The third stage is the communist phase. Marxists at the time generally agreed with this analysis. Finally, in China, the unrest of the so-called proletarian Cultural Revolution was brought about.