chapter  4
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Bukharin and the Scandinavian Labor Movement

WithAleksandr Kan

There are two aspects to the theme of Nikolai Bukharin and the revolutionary workers' movement in Scandinavia: the more important one, which has already been studied quite intensively, is Bukharin's participation in and importance to the movement; the other aspect, completely untouched to date, is the influence that the Scandinavian experience had on the political and economic writings of Bukharin. At the beginning of the twenties, the Comintern concerned itself exhaustively with Scandinavian party affairs. Bukharin did not play a leading role in this as did Lenin, Trotsky, and Zinoviev, but he nevertheless played an important part. Those who opposed Bukharin in the Swedish and Norwegian parties in 1924-26, mainly Hoeglund, Stroem, and Olav Scheflo, were more farsighted than he with regard to Stalin's harassment of the Left Opposition in the Soviet Communist party. In Scandinavia, Bukharin's political failure weakened interest both in him and in his later economic writings.