chapter  6
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Bukharin in the People’s Republic of China

WithYin Xuyi, Zheng Yifan

In reality no one in China conscientiously studied the history of the Soviet Union and the inner-party struggles of the Soviet Communist party from the foundation of the People's Republic in 1949 to the late seventies. China's painful experiences with the "left" deviation during the ten chaotic years of the Cultural Revolution stimulated reassessment of inner-party struggles in the Soviet Union, including recognition of those Bolshevik leaders who had been defeated by Joseph Stalin. Stalin's criticism of Nikolai Bukharin's slogan, "Enrich yourselves", exerted a great influence in the country. That was why the villagers did not dare talk about personal enrichment for a long time. On the occasion of Bukharin's hundredth birthday and the fiftieth anniversary of his murder, the Soviet Union announced his official rehabilitation. Several Chinese newspapers published articles covering the creative activities and the sad fate of this Marxist theoretician.