chapter  9
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Bukharin’s Changing Economic Thought in the Twenties

WithJiří Kosta

This chapter concentrates on Nikolai Bukharin's concepts of the socialist economy. It outlines Bukharin's "orthodox" beliefs in the transition period. The chapter begins with a sketch of Soviet economic development, as well as the assessment of data during the time of the New Economic Policy (NEP); this is followed by a description of the views of our economist, who surveys the actual and acute problems of the Soviet economy. It tries to position Bukharin in the ranks of those socialist reform economists who appeared much later. Bukharin's ideas about state capitalism, which did not hold firm regarding the actual development of capitalist industrialized countries, form the starting point of his concept of the system of economic guidance for socialism/communism. In conclusion, compared with the present attempts at reform in real socialist countries, Bukharin was not a radical market economist.