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Concerning the New Economic Policy and Our Tasks

ByRichard B. Day

The Soviet government and people's party are currently undertaking a very close examination of the question of the relationship between the working class and the peasantry, or between our state industry and the peasant economy. It is scarcely open to doubt that capitalism in Western Europe and, especially, in Central Europe is now growing and regaining its health after the shattering experience of the war. The only substantial doubt that remains, has to do with the durability of this reconstruction process. The system of War Communism fulfilled its historical role and served as an economic form that had to distribute supplies on hand, more or less correctly, at a time when consumption of existing supplies was more characteristic of the economy than either development or an increase in productive forces. The major content of the War Communist policy was a rational organization of consumption, primarily by the army and remnants of the working class in the cities.