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Notes of an Economist

(At the Beginning of a New Economic Year)
ByRichard B. Day

The reconstruction period has posed a number of highly complicated technical tasks, a number of highly complicated organizational-economic tasks, several extremely difficult tasks of general-economic leadership, and, finally, several problems having to do with the human apparatus. The outstanding technological achievements of the capitalist world and the growth of world production make the problems of our domestic economy even more acute. The country has accomplished an enormous leap forward. The economic and technological revolution is spreading even into the countryside, where it lends powerful support to and helps to develop peasant cooperative societies. The figures dealing with displacement of the private trader and handicraftsman are well known. The country’s commodity turnover, especially between town and country, is growing. The budget is growing. From year to year the working class is becoming more numerous. The material and cultural living standards of the workers are rising, and so on.