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Toward a Theory of the Imperialist State

ByRichard B. Day

The most cowardly and hypocritical conceal their flight by repeating the “old” phrases and the old terminology. Among the general questions that have become particularly acute is the matter of social democracy’s relationship to the state power. This development is explained by two closely related circumstances. The apparent radicalism of such theoretical constructions is blatantly apologetic in origin. The real issue is to save the foundations of a commodity economy. The logic goes like this: contemporary slavery arose through conquest and the establishment of “property by force” in land. Support for the exploitative process and its extension occur in two directions: externally, beyond the limits of the state’s territory, and internally, or within these limits. The internal policy of the state organization expresses the struggle of the ruling classes for a share in the values being created through systematic suppression of all attempts at emancipation on the part of the oppressed classes.