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A New Revelation Concerning the Soviet Economy or How to Destroy the Worker-Peasant Bloc

(On the Question of the Economic Basis of Trotskyism)
ByRichard B. Day

Comrade Trotsky issued his Lessons of October, and the debate appeared to be of a purely literary nature. Separate problems and individual disagreements are now being combined into basic “theoretical” groupings, into entire systems of thought and more or less consistent “theories.” The doctrine of the worker-peasant bloc is the most essential and original feature of Leninism. Every attempt to avoid the question of whether Lenin’s teaching and the line of the Bolshevik party are true or false must end in vain. As early as 1922, Comrade Trotsky insisted on the correctness of his theory of “permanent revolution” and wrote that after seizing power, the proletariat “will have a hostile encounter not only with every grouping of the bourgeoisie, who supported it in the first steps of its revolutionary struggle, but also with the broad masses of the peasantry, with whose assistance it came to power.