chapter  3
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China’s WTO Compliance

Commitment and Progress in the Initial Stage
WithPenelope B. Prime

This chapter provides a survey of the commitments that China made for the first two years of World Trade Organization (WTO) membership and evaluate broadly its progress toward meeting those commitments. This evaluation will take into account views on compliance from both inside and outside China, as well as develop the international and national economic contexts within which this process is unfolding. China's WTO agreement deals with eight areas: trade framework, import regulation, export regulation, trading rights and industrial policies, agriculture, services, intellectual property rights, and safeguards and other trade remedies. One of the most important pieces of the adjustment process is for China to build an infrastructure to monitor progress and facilitate compliance. Good international relations and an attractive business environment are important goals for China's central leadership. The commitments that China's leaders made in order to become a member of the WTO were vast and complex.