chapter  4
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Hiroshima remediated

Nuclear cosmopolitan memory in The War Game (1965) and “The Museum of Ante-Memorials” (2012)
WithJessica Rapson

This chapter examines remediated memories of Hiroshima through an exploration of Peter Watkins’ fictional documentary The War Game (1965), in both its original context and as reclaimed media in ‘The Museum of Ante-Memorials’ (Taipei Biennial, 2012). I argue that The War Game, draws Hiroshima into a cosmopolitan dialogue with temporally and geographically distant events, and unpack the new implications of its repurposing. Drawing on scholarship on memories of Hiroshima (Levy and Sznaider 2005, Yoneyama 1999; Zwigenberg 2014), the chapter ultimately interrogates the capacity of commemorative remediation to create cosmopolitan memories of the Japanese attacks in a global risk society.