chapter  12
Auschwitz: The Final Solution in Europe, 1941-1943
Pages 28

Deportations began in October 1941 from Germany, Austria, and the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, which altogether had perhaps 297,000 Jews. 2 In March 1942, Eichmann’s staff began deporting Slovakia’s nearly 89,000 Jews, mostly to Auschwitz. Perhaps 18,000 of them survived. Systematic deportations from France, Belgium, and the Netherlands began in July 1942. Up to 206,000 Jews from these countries perished. Starting in November 1942, nearly 750 of Norway’s 1,700 Jews were sent to Stettin by ship, then to Auschwitz by train. 3 Hitler’s war in mid-1942 was at high tide; he even expected that German units would soon kill the Jews of Palestine.