chapter  10
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New Codifications, New Practices

The Multimodal Communication of CrossFit
WithPer Ledin, David Machin

This chapter shows that the notions of New Writing and technologisation can also help us to understand much about CrossFit. It finds a drive to construe a system of interlocking parts which relies on the basic qualities of New Writing and the logics and causalities. The chapter argues that what is found relates strongly to the stripped back representations of space and causalities found in management steering documents and corporate flowcharts. The New Writing enables texts and semiotic materials to take on new relations, to be connected to each other in specific ways where different documents are circulated and related to databases. The chapter shows that performance management documents, strategy diagrams, design in news, and even IKEA kitchens are characterised by increased codification and regulation of semiotic resources. CrossFit has begun to attract the attention of scholars, particularly in the field of sport sociology.