chapter  12
22 Pages

Multimodal Recontextualisations of Images in Violent Extremist Discourse

WithKay L. O’Halloran, Sabine Tan, Peter Wignell, Rebecca Lange

This chapter presents the findings from a pilot study which builds on and expands recontextualisation principles to analyse violent extremist propaganda materials and the multimodal contextualisation and recontextualisation of images from these sources. It discusses the initial results of a pilot project which is the first step towards the development of the mixed-methods approach. The chapter develops and uses an interactive visualisation application to investigate how the images, article types and their combinations in change over time, and to trace recontextualised images imported into Dabiq and recontextualisations of images from Dabiq across different media platforms. It describes the multimodal dataset under consideration, the background of ISIS, and some preliminary findings from the pilot project. The chapter briefly reviews the background of ISIS and their beliefs about Islam. Dabiq is published in a number of languages, including English, and is one place where ISIS makes its agenda accessible to the non-Arabic speaking world.