chapter  6
14 Pages

Prison Health and Black Males

WithLaTrelle D. Jackson, Danielle Graddick

There is a growing body of literature addressing the impact of race, ethnicity, and culture within the judicial system. Psychology, as well as sociology, criminology, and law, has addressed the influence of cultural factors in leveraging justice in America. The research has indicated that, from arrest to conviction, Black males are differentially impacted based on their intersecting race and gender identity variables. The differing experience prior to incarceration suggests the possibility that Black males may continue to experience challenges once they are behind prison bars. The current chapter explores fairness and treatment equity for Black male mental and physical health once they are imprisoned. Specifically, this chapter examines the status of healthcare in the United States, key health concerns of this population, future implications given the current trends, and best practices for managing the physical, psychological, and institutional needs of today’s Black male prisoners.