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How to get small museums involved in digital innovation

A design-inclusive research approach
WithArnold P.O.S. Vermeeren, Calvi Licia

This chapter describes the development of a design-inclusive research approach aimed at making it possible to raise more interest in the small museums by using digital innovation that allows for more appealing museum experiences, despite their limited financial resources and competences in digitisation. This approach intends to provide non-professional designers with tools to design various types of museum experiences. The development of the approach has benefitted from the lessons learned during the execution of the Mauritshuis project in which an app was developed for the Mauritshuis, a museum of classical Dutch paintings. Such lessons emphasise the need to consider the primary target users the design is for in a holistic way. Based on the lessons learned from the Mauritshuis project, the chapter proposes a design-inclusive experience research approach aimed at getting small museums engaged in digital innovation for creating museum experiences for a younger generation.