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Virtual reality in physical activity promotion

WithNan Zeng, Zan Gao

This chapter reviews the literature regarding the application of virtual reality in physical activity (PA) and health promotion in various settings and populations. Due to support from organizations such as SHAPE America, in addition to the increasing presence of modern technology in healthcare, virtual reality is becoming widely accepted by physical educators for use in promoting children's PA. Physical rehabilitation strives to aid patients with disabilities in the acquisition of lost motor skills that may have come about due to injury or illness—with the main goal being to ensure these individuals can perform activities of daily living. Virtual reality-based physical rehabilitation has also been used among patients with Parkinson's disease. Over the past two decades, virtual reality-based psychological rehabilitation has experienced increasing application in treating individuals with anxiety disorders, with particular emphasis on specific phobias. Virtual reality-based cognitive rehabilitation has experienced increasingly widespread use for the treatment of cognitive impairments.