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Negative aspects of emerging technologies in physical activity promotion

WithZachary Pope, Zan Gao

This chapter represents the major obstacles currently facing emerging technology in the promotion of physical activity (PA) for improved health and well-being. The greatest negative aspect of emerging technologies for use in PA promotion is the privacy of health information when using the novel technologies. The validity and reliability of PA and physiological data provided by emerging technologies such as mobile device health apps are, at times, questionable—a term that might also be used to describe the PA and physiological data provided during active video game play or during health wearable use. Recently, work has been completed to validate the Internet Gaming Disorder Questionnaire in multiple populations so health professionals can better assess and treat this disorder. Nonetheless, health professionals using gaming technology to promote PA need to be aware of the signs of Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) in order to properly intervene if and when these signs start to appear in participants.