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Promoting physical activity and health through emerging technology
WithHaichun Sun, Nan Zeng, Zan Gao

This chapter provides a broad picture of traditional and current emerging technologies that have been employed in promoting physical activity (PA) and health on a large scale in population-based settings, including communities, schools, and homes, as well as findings regarding application of each technology in PA contexts. Technology has long been used as a means for PA promotion. Traditionally, many technologies for PA promotion were categorized into four groups: telephone; mass media; computer/Internet; and electronic devices. The chapter describes each of these groups. Smartphones and tablets have become broadly accessible and major channels for accessing social media or various types of apps. Wearable devices are also increasing in popularity and ubiquity. The chapter reviews these technologies and their application in PA interventions. Active video games (AVGs) were originally designed to engage players in a more active mode of video game play, with research indicating AVGs have great potential to serve as a motivational source to initially engage players in PA.