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Online social media and physical activity promotion

WithJung Eun Lee, Zan Gao

This chapter reviews the current status of social media-based physical activity (PA) interventions and discusses the negative issues related to social media, as well as the practical implications and directions for future studies. According to a review by Maher, social media-based interventions demonstrate small to moderate effects in promoting health behaviour. Social media-based PA intervention studies conducted on adults have explored features of social media that might have the most influence on intervention effectiveness. For example, social media sites can function as support groups, educational modules, and/or a space to keep track of PA records—all of which could lead to changes in PA behaviors. Through social media, individuals sometimes feel they have the power to post offensive remarks, pictures, or video clips that could potentially cause a great amount of emotional pain for another individual. Online bullying, occurs relatively often, with 39" of social media users admitting to being cyber-bullied.