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Global positioning systems and geographic information systems and physical activity

WithZachary Pope, Zan Gao

This chapter examines how global positioning systems (GPS)/geographic information systems (GIS) is currently being used to promote physical activity (PA) and health. The use of GPS/GIS in PA and health promotion is still seen less frequently than that of other wearable technologies which may or may not have GPS embedded in them. The chapter discusses the use of GPS and/or GIS during sport participation. The development of accurate sport-related performance tracking and assessment tools, such as GPS/GIS, is paramount if recreationally active individuals are going to make informed choices about the sport activities they participate in. The use of GPS/GIS in healthcare differs slightly from that seen using other forms of technology. Specifically, while GPS/GIS can and has been implemented in clinical settings, the literature is scarce. Crowdsourcing might also be an innovative way in which healthcare can use GPS/GIS to improve health at the population level.