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Health wearable devices and physical activity promotion

WithNan Zeng, Zan Gao

This chapter reviews the literature regarding health wearables in evaluating physical activity (PA) behavior as well as implementing PA plans. Current techniques to assess PA and sedentary behavior can be classified as direct observation, self-reported instruments, and motion sensors. Objective assessment tools such as health wearable devices with built-in motion sensors are increasingly being used to evaluate PA behaviors among various populations. Advances in the technology of health wearable devices provide professionals and researchers a variety of PA measurement options to assess multiple health-related outcomes. Health wearable devices are also a convenient tool to improve overall well-being in the workplace—encouraging employees to plan and participate in PA at work, which can positively impact productivity. The market for health wearable devices continues to grow in popularity, and the potential for using these devices to promote health is great. Health wearable devices provide opportunities to overcome limitations of self-reported PA and may lead to more effective behavior change.