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Active video games and physical activity promotion

WithZan Gao, Nan Zeng, Zachary Pope

This chapter provides an overview of active video games (AVGs) and health promotion in various populations. It provides practical implications of applying AVGs in interventions promoting physical activity (PA) and health. Regular PA participation makes a significant contribution to healthy body weight among children and adolescents, a satisfactory quality of life in the general adult population, and the maintenance of physical functioning among older adults. The increasing childhood obesity rate has become a public health concern in the United States. Regular PA participation helps prevent and reduce childhood obesity. Although most AVG studies have focused on children and adolescents, a number of research studies targeting adult populations have also been conducted to evaluate the physical, psychological, and cognitive effects of AVGs. The chapter addresses the current literature with regard to the effectiveness of AVG-based rehabilitation on health and cognitive outcomes among various populations, namely, youth/young adults, middle-aged adults, and older adults.