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Empirical research in Analytical Psychology
ByChristian Roesler

This chapter provides an overview on findings from empirical dream research that refer to C. G. Jung's theory. It considers a part of empirical research in Analytical Psychology, with the exception of research on psychological types, which has its own extensive literature. Over the several decades, as Analytical Psychology has expanded beyond the generation of clinical practitioners' focus on theory and practice, there has been an accumulation of research efforts. Many of Analytical Psychology's concepts are quite well empirically supported. A number of authors have dealt with the impact of trauma on psychological processes and concepts for understanding the development and influence of trauma from the viewpoint of Analytical Psychology. John Merchant gives an overview of the existing research, in psychoanalysis in general as well as in Jungian psychology, and summarizes findings from the International Association for Analytical Psychology's evaluation of their international Router training program.