chapter  9
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A method for research with trauma
ByDenise Gimenez Ramos, Reinalda Melo da Matta

Sandplay therapy (ST) belongs to the genuinely Jungian methods of psychotherapy. A method to analyze the results of the therapeutic data of ST is presented. It is a qualitative-quantitative method that makes possible (1) a standardization of data from the pictures and verbal expressions used by the patients while working in the sandplay; (2) qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to enable the comparison of data among several patients; (3) computing the results obtained by different therapists within a homogeneous pattern for different cases. The application of this method was applied to investigate the effect of ST on treating children with trauma caused by abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Results of this intervention showed that children in the intervention group significantly improved regarding internalizing, externalizing factors and total problems. Change prevailed 6 months after the therapy was concluded.