chapter  12
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Quality management and empirical research activities in jungian psychotherapy in germany

ByWolfram Keller

The chapter gives an overview of current activities in the Jungian community in the German-speaking countries to systematically collect empirical data regarding the effectiveness of Jungian psychotherapy. The introduction of quality management in the health system in Germany is required by the authorities and this applies also to psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. On the other hand, there is a growing interest in the Jungian community to show evidence for the effectiveness of Jungian psychotherapy. In 2012, a group of Jungian psychoanalysts and researchers from the German-speaking countries founded an international network for research and development in analytical psychotherapy ( This research network introduced a standardized and consistent documentation system in the German Jungian training centers (Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin) in order to gain systematic data of patients before and after treatment (socio-demographic information, symptoms, structural impairment, and quality of life). The documentation system will be expanded to the analytic treatment of children and adolescents. The objective of this documentation system is to provide a basic tool for additional research projects and instruments which could be added to the basic questionnaires.