chapter  15
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Synchronistic experiences in psychotherapy

Empirical studies
ByChristian Roesler

According to the definition of synchronicity by Jung, psychotherapy can be considered as an outstanding field where synchronistic events are expected to appear, or at least where they can be observed. Even though synchronicity has been discussed intensively in recent years there have been few attempts to observe and document synchronistic events systematically in the field of psychotherapy. There are several collections of synchronistic events either documented in a more or less anecdotal way or being the result of broader investigations in the field of anomalistics. Especially the field of psychotherapy presents the opportunity to observe synchronistic events systematically and also prospectively, and also to link them with other data concerning the person, his/her psychodynamics, as well as the context in terms of interpersonal and other conditions and also the development of the psychotherapy, so as to test Jung’s assumption that synchronistic events are connected to progress in psychotherapy and to the individuation process. The chapter will give an overview of earlier research and will then propose a systematic research frame to be implied in the field of Jungian psychotherapy to collect data in the way described above as well as first results from a pilot study.