chapter  6
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Dreaming under fire

The psyche in times of continuous stress
ByTamar Kron

Continuous stress and trauma are manifested in dreams, the study of which expand our knowledge concerning the unconscious reactions to the trauma and the efforts of coping with continuous traumatic situations. Since September 2000, the area of the Gaza envelope in Israel has been under the threat of rocket attacks. Such continuous life-threatening stimuli can be considered as complex trauma. In our research, we asked people living near the Gaza Strip to write their dreams and their associations to the dreams during 4 consecutive weeks. Six hundred and nine dreams were collected from 44 women and 18 men (age range 14–62). In another research dreams of Palestinians and Israelis were collected immediately after the last Gaza wars. Differences in dream themes between gender and age groups were found, conveying the depth psychological experience of living and dreaming under fire.