chapter  2
Troubling hetero/cisnormative educational practices in international development
By Robert C. Mizzi
Pages 13

This chapter unpacks some of the queer tensions that may be present through using education to facilitate international development. After an overview of the relationship between international development, sexuality, and education, the author offers a multivocal, autoethnographic vignette of an educational exercise from the perspective of being a Canadian, cisgender male, sexual minority, adult educator in Kosovo. The vignette reveals (hetero)normative assumptions underpinning “train-the-trainer” approaches, problems that may surface for sexual and gender minorities when forming student–educator relationships, and the issues that may surface when working in a hetero/cisnormative space. The chapter concludes with the recommendation to deconstruct “training” and other educational processes in order illustrate how adult teaching, learning, and leading is a complex and power-filled process.