chapter  3
Queerying development planning
Recognizing needs and identifying vulnerable populations in Africa
By Petra L. Doan
Pages 13

The issue of global lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) populations and planning in the context of international development planning and institutions has not been well explored. The broader field of development studies has taken up this challenge, but planning continues to lag behind. There has been considerable discussion of the place of LGBTQ issues within the field of human rights and donor agencies are beginning to consider how best to provide assistance to these vulnerable populations. This chapter explores some of the resistance to more inclusive LGBTQ approaches from within donors influenced by the evangelical community in the United States. The chapter then explores resistance to LGBTQ inclusion by religious and political leaders in some sub-Saharan nations, using the cases of Uganda and South Africa as examples. Finally, the chapter considers the difficulties of planning for a vulnerable sub-population when identity categories are not stable and are colored by evolving understanding and expressions of sexuality and gender identity.