chapter  11
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Work-readiness in Lao PDR

WithVipapone Aphayvanh

Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) has been experiencing a fast-growing economy, and there is a need for productive human capital to ensure sustainable growth in the future. This chapter examines the current employability situation in Lao and investigates the challenges that the country faces amidst rapid social changes and economic growth. It presents the current major strategies and policy implemented to address the skill shortage problems. It is undeniable that Laos has an advantage in terms of its demographic as more than 50 percent of the populations are less than 25 years. Those members of this population segment are of working age and are the powerhouse of the country's labour force. The Lao formal educational system comprises of 19 years in total. Higher education institutions in Laos consist of four universities in Vientiane Capital, Luangprabang and Champasack. Apart from universities, the country also has five Teacher Training Colleges and 83 private higher education institutions.