chapter  12
12 Pages

Internet of Things (IoT)

WithJeffrey S. Wilkinson, Isaac D. Pletcher

This chapter offers an overview to help students understand the potential and future of the Internet of Things (IoT). The benefits and dangers the connectivity brings may be the defining technology issue of the 21st century. The myriad companies moving to provide IoT products and services include familiar giants as well as unknown newcomers. IoT developer/compiler Postscapes identified necessary technology components for IoT as those that handle: communication, the “backbone,” hardware, protocols, software, cloud platforms, and machine learning. One development for IoT is a special set of operating systems designed specifically for IoT devices. The family home is a good beginning for considering the impact of IoT technology. The first and most obvious collection of market industries that seek to benefit from IoT connectivity is home industries. From appliance providers to publishers and broadcasters seeking to track media consumption, the connected home is set to emerge as a market force by 2020.