chapter  13
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Automotive Telematics

WithDenise Belafonte-Young

Telematics enables drivers to get information about the location, movement, and state of their vehicles. Telematics includes wireless data communication, which opens up a huge range of possibilities. Automotive telematics represents a combination of innovations. Careers in automotive technology and innovation include technicians, engineers, sales, fleet management, software programming, and other areas in the industry are prominent to the future of the workforce of tomorrow. Automotive telematics will continue to enhance two major trends: mobility and data analytics. There are many opportunities to work in the automotive telematics industry. The development of in-vehicle telecommunications, entertainment, and “infotainment” were part of that revolution and are the landmarks of today’s automotive environment. The first technological breakthrough in automotive electronic devices was the car radio. In-car technology is thriving with manufacturer’s inclusion of devices and tools that enhance entertainment and infotainment.