chapter  15
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Video Games

WithBrant Guillory

Video gaming is a multibillion dollar industry whose cultural penetration far belies its roots in entertaining mental exercises for overeager engineers. Video games include a variety of hardware and software, as well as multiple delivery and distribution models. Video games are available as software for other digital systems, standalone systems, or software for gaming-specific systems. Video gaming has advanced hand-in-hand with the increases in computing power. Some might even argue that video games have pushed the boundaries of computer processors in their quest for ever-sharper graphics and increased speed in gameplay. As media properties, video games have shared characters, settings, and worlds with movies, novels, comic books, non-digital games, and television shows. While the legislative landscape continues to treat video games as a child-oriented medium with and average player age of 10 years old, several major events cast new, negative lights on video games from a legislative perspective.