chapter  18
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WithHeidi D. Campbell

e-Health affects everyone and is one of the fastest growing areas of innovations in communication technology. e-Health is empowering consumers to play a bigger role in managing their own health. Patients have access to their own electronic health records and can access information about every common illness known. Convergence of digital technologies has given health communication increased traction. Computers have been used in healthcare since the early 1970s, serving as an administrative tool by storing patient information and medical practitioner records. Technologies in e-Health have been featured at major technology shows worldwide as an introduction to a rapidly growing industry. That growth has been exponential as new innovations have been adopted in virtually every area of the healthcare industry. Mobile technologies for e-Health are expanding through software applications and the use of mobile apps. Telemedicine has grown exponentially since the first remotely-performed surgery in 2001 and has affected many aspects of healthcare.